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You’ve got a great local pub, restaurant or evening hotspot. And you’ve probably got a pretty loyal customer base – and if you don’t you’d certainly like to grow it. In today’s omnipresent world of technology, if your restaurant or bar doesn’t have a mobile app, you’re in danger of falling behind the competition. Over the next few posts we will take a detailed look at the facts, figures and reasons to invest in a restaurant app from My Mobile Fans today!

Restaurant Apps Have Always Been a Thing, It’s Just More Critical Now.

Peel Mobile Restaurant App

My Mobile Fans has always featured the restaurant industry in our mobile app portfolio. In fact, one of our most popular posts featured Peel, an Illinois pizza restaurant that uses their app to provide up-to-date menus, specials, events and rewards. But since that original 2013 post, the mobile landscape has changed so much for the better.

For one, more and more restaurants have mobile apps. Overall, how we interact with technology has grown, and, according to a recent survey by Open Table, it’s having an impact on how we eat. Open Table asked more than 6,000 adults in 10 United States metropolitan areas how they use technology before, during and after a restaurant meal.

76 percent of survey respondents, believed that technology had the potential to play a “much bigger” or “somewhat bigger” role at limited-service restaurants.

When it came to full-service restaurants all of them at least occasionally made reservations online, while 88 percent said they did so frequently.


Also, Open Table asked what consumers would like to be able to do before arriving at the restaurant:

  • 85% want to know how long they need to wait for a table
  • 83% would like to be added to the waitlist before arriving
  • 68% would like to choose a table
  • 19% want to pre-order drinks
  • 14% actually want to order their meal before they ever arrive
  • 12% would even pre-pay for the meal.

The goKilroys Mobile Restaurant Appod news is, you can do all of this and more with a My Mobile Fans restaurant app. Over the next few blog posts we’ll share the standard features our platform offers, some of the more custom features available specifically for our restaurant platform, and some ideas for custom development we offer that will provide your customers with the best possible experience before they ever arrive at your restaurant. Among the topics we’ll cover:

  • Orders
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Referrals
  • Reviews
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Push Notifications
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Social

Watch this space for more reasons why your restaurant needs a mobile app.


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