Mobile App 2016

Ah January – the time for goal setting, new years resolutions, and greener pastures. We spend much time doing this in our personal lives, with our families, and with our work teams; but have you stopped to consider your mobile resolutions for 2016?

Maybe you already have a mobile app, but haven’t but much thought into using it strategically.
Or perhaps you want a mobile app, but don’t know how to get started.
Or, you’ve just not considered mobile as part of your 2016 business model.

Wherever you are along the spectrum, we offer the Top Reasons to Resolve to be Mobile in 2016.

1. Everyone is Doing It – In 2015 people spent 51% of their digital time on a mobile device. That’s a number that figures to rise even more in 2016, with no looking back. With more and more consumer time spent on mobile, why don’t you have a business function that can meet your audience where they’re at? Having a website is not enough. Users are turning traiditional browsers and relying on mobile applications. Unlike traditional websites which overwhelm your 6 inch mobile screen, apps thrive as an intuitive purchasing and browsing alternative.

2. It’s Where the Money’s At – In the two weeks surround Christmas and New Years 2015 alone, Apple reported that customers spent a record-breaking $1.1 billion on apps and in-app purchases. Your customers are increasingly turning to mobile apps to meet their shopping, entertainment and information needs. If you don’t have an app, are you missing out on your piece of that pie?

Social Media Mobile App3. We Live in an Increasingly Social World – People are obsessed with social media. Integrating  social features such as comments, likes, in-app messaging, pictures, etc., in your app can help  grow your business socially – and social capital is increasingly growing business familiarity. Having a mobile application that integrates the latest social media trends (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) means customers will spend more time in your app, which will lead to an increase in opportunities for you to showcase your product.

4. Better Service – Sure people will still use traditional methods for sales or service inquiries – telephone, brick & mortar visits and your Web site – but increasingly this on-the-go society wants answers to questions now. Consumers have more options than ever to make informed buying decisions and get answers to important service questions. Why not provide all that information in an easy to navigate, dedicated app, focused on providing customers with the information they are looking for. Mobile apps are perfect for service and support.

5. Data, Data, Data – Internet tracking tools give us more information about our customers than ever before. Where are they logging on from? What sort of device are they using? What are they searching for? With your mobile app you can collect all this data, AND send customers custom push notifications based on the results. Customizing your customers mobile app experience based on actual data will help you be more informed, and help foster happier, more in touch customers.

mobile on the goConclusion
Mobile is here to stay. Wherever you are on the spectrum, if you don’t keep up with the mobile trends in 2016, your business risks getting left behind – buried deep in Google’s search, and out of touch of your on-the-go consumer.

Want to know more? Let My Mobile Fans consult with you on your mobile strategy today.

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