We are going to focus on Push Notification Subscriptions today in our feature post. We touched on this brand new feature in our last platform feature post but today we will go more in depth. This is a powerful new feature that will allow you to offer subscriptions by categorizing your posts and offering your app users a way to subscribe to notifications that are most important to them.

Previously, we allowed you to send notifications to all app users and geolocation based push notifications. You can now setup Subscriptions or categories for your notifications. An example of this would be for an academic app, you could create the following subscriptions:

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Sporting Events
  • School Activities
  • Newsletter Communications

You can setup these Subscriptions inside of a “Messages” tab. You will need to enable the toggle “Enable Subscription Push Note Service”. You can then click the “New Subscription” button to add your subscriptions.

Now that you have the Subscriptions setup, your users will opt into the subscriptions by clicking the Messages icon at the top of their homescreen. The user will see all push notifications that have been delivered to them. The gear icon in the upper right of the screen is where the user can set their subscriptions for your app.

step1 step2 step3


The next time you goto send a push notification, you will notice a new header for the Messages tab. You will notice a new section in the header called “Subscriptions”. Once you enter a message, you will be able to select a Subscription to send the notification to. You can now send your notification and only users who have opted into the Subscription you selected will receive the notification.




** Please note, when new users download your app for the first time, all subscriptions will be toggled on inside of their subscription settings.

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