Apple and Android release updated software at least once a year. These updates typically boast back end functionality that can improve how your mobile app operates on the back end. We at MyMobileFans also release updated app software, with new features, faster functionality, greater usability and more.

This likely means that your app software is out of date. It doesn’t mean that your app won’t work, but it does mean that you aren’t taking advantage of the latest app updates and functionality.

We recommend our clients republish their app at least once a year. Doing this now could be very beneficial for you. Why’s that?

  1. Normally the Apple App Store has a 2-3 week review cycle. We have noticed a recent trend of greatly reduced app review times.
  2. You can revise your app description, screenshots, and keywords to improve your search result visibility to ensure users who are searching can find your app. ASO has been quite a topic of interest lately, so we invite you to take full advantage of it. 

Let us help you keep on top of the latest app developments by republishing your mobile app today.

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