The holiday season is a great time to engage with your mobile audience. Maybe you want to offer a holiday special. Take advantage of customers returning to town. Promote an upcoming event. Or simply remind them that your app is there and waiting for fan engagement. Push messages are a perfect way to maximize this engagement. Using the My Mobile Fans “Message” feature you can utilize some very powerful communication tools to engage your users:
1. Use our catalog of templated “offers” to send updates to customers, or create your own custom message within your mobile app.
2. Link your message to Facebook, Twitter or a custom Website URL to simultaneously post messages across your various networks and further increase the reach of your offer.
3. Enable the clickable function for your push messages. This call to action redirects a user to a tab inside your app or to a specific external URL, which allows for greater involvement with your existing tech infrastructure.
4. Send location based messages to customers. This option is extremely powerful to deliver highly targeted messages. The two primary features of location based messaging are radius and geofenced push messaging:
* Radius Push – This is a one-time message that is delivered toRadius Message users of your app inside a radius. You set a particular address and then determine a custom radius from there. Any user in that radius will get your alert. This is great to send a one time message or offer to existing customers within your defined radius. One caution here is that any new users that download your app after the push has been sent will not get your Radius Push messages.
* Geofenced Push – This feature allows you to set a virtual ‘fence’ around an area. Anyone who enters this geofenced area gets your message. You can also set the time during which this message is delivered. This feature is great for events, like weddings or company parties. As users arrive and break the geofence they get your custom message welcoming them to your event and providing key details needed to make the event a success.

Using these features will help you maximize the way you interact with your customers this holiday season. Check out the Messages tab on your portal Dashboard and get started today!

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