For many months now My Mobile Fans has been working on a “Native” overhaul which will be a complete rebuild/redesign of our Native iOS / Android app(s). This redesign will take full advantage of the iOS 7 UI components, increasing user engagement and social integration opportunities.

Once again we’ve raised the bar in the market for small business mobile apps!

Starting today, both clients and Resellers of My Mobile Fans, will begin seeing their client panels updated with over 50 new platform design features and functions.

Here’s a list of some of the features included with this HUGE product release:

Global Additions

– Upgraded iOS framework to 7.0 (supporting only iOS 6+)
– Full redesign
– Landscape orientation
– Common Image sizes
– Heavy focus on improving iPad
– iPad specific views (Contact / Real Estate / NewsTab) — not available on Android Tablet
– Header images for Tablet

Messages / Analytics
– Geofencing
– Revamped Message center (filter messages and in app removal feature)
– Additional Google Analytics criteria (Preview App views vs. Live app views)

– Sharing control for all views
– Google Plus social integration
– Editable sharing text
– Sharing URL’s for all platforms (iTunes/GooglePlay/Mobile Website)

Loading / Caching
– Offline content caching
– Background image loading / caching

Universal / International
– Universal date/time format (mm/dd/yyyy 24:00)
– International Distance units (KM. vs. MI.)
– Timezones / Currency upgrades

– Global Search
– Search control for each list view

– Facebook feed
– NewsFeed widget on homescreen

Music Tab
– New music play/pause/progress control
– “All Tracks” & “Albums” filter
– Multitasking
– Music widget on homescreen

YouTube Tab
– Featured / Popular / Recent filters
– YouTube API (Pulls & Pushes comments from

Podcast Tab
– Audio & Video Podcasts filter
– Multitasking

Image Gallery Tab
– Multiple Galleries

Email Photo Tab
– Photo cropping tool
– “Recent Photos” Gallery

Social Engagement
– Comments on most tabs
– Activity feeds (GPS / QR / Loyalty Tab(s))
– NEW Social Tab
– Social Onboarding
– User stats displayed via web platform

NEW Real Estate Tab
– CSV Upload for quick listing population

NEW Google Ads Tab
– New Ads placement
– Supports AdMob
– Supports DoubleClick for Publishers by Google

Events V2 Tab
– Timezones
– Map & Directions
– Upcoming / Past filters



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