Refresh your mobile app design today!

Refresh Your Mobile App

Enjoy great engagement with a new look this summer!

Have you had your My Mobile Fans app for some time? Perhaps you’ve seen other apps and noticed a slick look, interesting new features, or design elements you hadn’t thought of before? Maybe you’d love to update your app but just don’t have the time?

Refreshing your mobile app benefits your business for several reasons:

  1. Keep up with the latest features and trends in mobile marketing.
  2. Stay ahead of the curve with top notch designs and engaging images.
  3. Re-engage your customer base when they update your mobile app.

For a limited time, My Mobile Fans is offering you the chance to take advantage of the many updated features of the our platform by having your app refreshed. See below how one client gave their app a simple face lift to add elegance, modern features and a fresh look.


Other New & Updated MMF Platform Features:

Added layout options and graphics processing – Display the high res images without delaying your app.
Updated ‘Push’ capabilities – Reach your customers with reminder notes, invitations, special offers and more.
Enhanced Targeting features – Engage your customers when they enter your target market.
Shopping & Reservations – Instead of redirecting customers, they can make in-app purchases or reservations.
Greater Social Engagement – Take your business viral with built in social sharing and user loyalty widgets.

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