We’ve aContent is Kingll visited friends and family who clearly have not updated their home since before polyester was cool again. Or visited that restaurant where the food is great, but the ambiance makes you feel like you’re eating at the local truck stop. Similarly, as mobile apps continue to ingrain themselves in our everyday lives – keeping your app content fresh could play a huge role in whether your visitors come back, and keep coming back.

In fact, the mobile user experience today tends to be even more important than a visit to Aunt Judith’s house, or a trip to the local diner. With so many places to get information, data, coupons, etc., users are quick to delete or simply ignore downloaded apps that don’t meet their expectation. In this fingertips world, keeping your app content fresh and at the forefront of your audiences mind is key.

How are some ways that you can ensure your audience keeps coming back to your app?

Dynamic Updates: One thing is true about the mobile world – constant change. Your ability to adapt to your audiences changes in user behavior, a new hot trend or altered expectations could mean the difference between someone looking to your app versus a competitor. The nice thing about your MyMobileFans app is that you can instantly enact content change. No waiting for a marketing officer, a new campaign, or a Web site refresh – you can provide updated content immediately. Doing so will give your audience something new to come back for.

Check your Analytics: Where is your audience going to when they visit your app? What are they doing there? Using the free analytics that come with your MyMobileFans account can tell you a lot about your audience behavior. If you’ve got a few landing spots that are not being trafficked, it could be time to refresh them with new content, or just lose them all together.

Coupons & Offers: Give your audience a reason to keep checking in. Offer a discount, grant access to exclusive information, invitations or interactions they can’t get anywhere else.

KISS: Keep it simple! Remember, most mobile app users will perhaps look at your app several times a day, but only for a few minutes, or even seconds. Keep your content simple, even breaking up larger announcements, stories, or notes into several releases to keep them coming back. In the short term, regularly updating your app content can seem cumbersome and time consuming, but once you find a rhythm you’ll find it fits as easily into your day or week as a workout, a coffee break or time you’d spend surfing the Web. You can do all these things easily and quickly by logging into your MyMobileFans Portal.

(NOTE-In the spirit of freshness, you’ll see a new MyMobileFans Website roll out over the next few weeks. We hope to provide more blog posts, greater access and exposure to our customer apps – including a landing page and much more, and more education on how to get the most out of you MyMobileFans experience.)

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