So, you finally got your mobile app published on iTunes and Google Play.  Your small business or brand has officially arrived…now you can just sit back and watch the users start downloading it by the thousands….NOT!

Spa Hollywood Mobile App

That strategy has never worked for any other marketing tool, so why would you think mobile apps would be any different.

Yes, users are consuming mobile apps and information at a rate like never before, but they are also being constantly bombarded with hundreds of other brands fighting for their attention, for space on their phone screen and most importantly for their loyalty.

You’ve made the initial investment of time, energy and finances; so don’t give up now because the real return is completely dependent upon what you do next:

How to Promote Your Mobile App

Tell everybody

Nothing has ever proven to be more impactful than word of mouth marketing.  And it’s the same for promoting your new mobile app.  Having an app for your brand these days is pretty awesome, so why wouldn’t you share it with your friends, family, neighbors and network.  Not to mention, these people will be terrific testers to help you refine your app even more.

Get social

It’s free.  It’s viral.  It’s easy.  So post it on every social site you can think of: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…  Share, comment, like, post… Ask your social network to help you test it and share it with their network.  And always, always, always respond to any comments they make as quickly as possible.

QR Codes

Destiny Church QRIf you have an app with My Mobile Fans, we have made it easy for you to promote.  We have created a QR code for each unique application that allows any mobile user to scan and be directed to the appropriate marketplace to download the app for their device. This makes promoting your mobile app almost too easy.  Put the QR code on fliers, postcards, window clings, signs, business cards, emails, social media, blogs…


Speaking of email.  You would be crazy to not send out an app email every 6 months or so.  Finally make use of that email list that you have been gathering for years and send out an announcement with the URLs or QR codes included.  Since more than half of emails these days are being opened on a mobile device anyway, they can click on the URL and download your app in seconds.


Have you noticed that none of these ideas so far cost hardly anything…now we are talking the language of small business?  So let’s continue in that theme with other free options by talking about the app in your blog, or submitting a press release, or highlighting it on your website, or commenting on other blogs or…


If you listen to nothing else, pay attention to this section because it is the key in learning how to promote your small business app.  The most important part to any mobile app is “GETTING THE USER TO USE IT” or interact and the same goes for when you promote your app.  You need to give them a reason to not just download it but to use it!

– Set a download goal and make it known.
– Create an in-app contest with some sort of meaningful prize at the end but requires use of the app and only the app.
– Offer app only specials, discounts, interaction, communication, news or inside information that your fan or customer can’t find anywhere else.

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