During my 16 years of working in the non-profit sector one reality was made abundantly clear to me, “Every single dollar matters.”  For this reason, the small business owner and non-profit leader alike must make sure that every single expense has a direct return and clear benefit to the bottom line. So, if you consider creating a mobile app for your small business, you might assume that there is no way you can afford this frivolous expense.   But, the real question that you should be asking is, “Can I afford to not have a mobile app?”  For the past 3 years mobile apps for small businesses have been shown to increase revenue in so many ways.  The following list of features will do just that.

Mobile Ordering

This is the most obvious way to ring up a sale with a mobile app – by offering a way for users to browse your products and submit orders directly through the app. You might think that users are hesitant to shop this way, but this past holiday, mobile sales accounted for nearly a fifth (!) of all online sales. For fans of your business, a mobile app is simply a natural way to make purchases.

Push Notifications

When you want to generate revenue, sending a message to users through a push notification is a great way to drive revenue. You can simply promote a product or service, or you can tell users about a special offer, deal, discount, or event. The key is that your app adds a new promotional channel to your marketing arsenal.

QR Coupons for Mobile AppsLoyalty Rewards

Rewards are a time-tested way to increase repeat business from fans. By offering a mobile loyalty program, you can reward frequent shoppers without having to print up cards or worry about tracking – everything is done easily through users’ mobile devices. You can increase revenue with minimal extra effort!

Social Referrals

Your app can include a simple feature that lets users post a link to your business to their social media profiles. This allows you to leverage users’ social networks to find new fans. Digital word of mouth is a persuasive force, and an app lets you maximize its use.

Mobile Reservations

If your business is a restaurant, spa, personal training studio, or other session-based business, mobile reservations allow you to open up your calendar to users. They can pop open the app at their convenience, browse open slots, and book their own reservations as they like. It makes it easier to make reservations and opens up another channel for increasing revenue.

Event RSVPs

If you’re holding an event, you can allow users to register to attend through your mobile app. In many cases, this can make it a lot easier to manage event attendance! Managing RSVPs by email requires reading and data entry, but using automatic forms on your mobile app is super-simple.

GPS Coupons

Users can be invited to checkin when at your location to unlock coupons. This rewards visitors, makes it fun to use your app, and, of course, can increase revenue.

Newsletter Signups

Yet another way to boost revenue is by soliciting newsletter signups through your app. By getting users fully integrated with your business, you can meet them wherever they are with information and special offers.  The result, as with the other features we’ve discussed, is that you can earn additional revenue!

Need a Mobile Solution?

At My Mobile Fans, our platform allows you to create and manage your very own mobile app and at a price you can’t afford to pass up.

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