Happy Birthday iPhone

Eight years ago today I was moving my family from Madison, WI back to my home state of Indiana.  That was an incredibly crazy life moment which I will save for another time.  But on that same day, 8 years ago, Apple released the revolutionary iPhone for sale to the public.  WOW, isn’t it amazing all that has changed in the last 8 years?


Where were you 8 years ago today?

1344440801_iphone-2g-v3Were you in line waiting to purchase the new iPhone?  Did you know how consumed the next 8 years of your life would be looking at this device in the palm of your hand?  Did you have any clue how this single device would revolutionize your relationships, your time management, your research, your purchasing, your interactions, your productivity and your life as you know it?

Because I sure didn’t!


For better or for worse?

I’m sure there are some that would say that the iPhone (or smartphone) revolution has destroyed us in many ways, while others would argue that it is the best thing since sliced bread.  Regardless of your personal like or dislike for smartphone technology, at the very least you have to agree that there is nothing in the past decade that even comes close to changing our culture like the iPhone.

Fun Facts about the Original iPhone

Time has compiled a great article highlighting the iPhone’s history over the past 8 years.

There’s no way it’s only been 8 years!

In some ways it seems like just yesterday and at the same time it seems like it should have taken 25 years to make the amount of impact on our society that has been accomplished by the iPhone.

Makes me wonder…what all is going to change in the next 8 years?


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