Chuck Hovey Yachts

This Chuck Hovey Yachts app is the boater’s tool to help calculate your fuel consumption data at a given engine RPM. Simply input the data prompts of your boats current RPM, Knots, Gallons per hour and fuel tank capacity. Then press Calculate and the app will provide your speed in Miles Per Hour, your current Miles Per Gallon, Gallons per Mile, estimated running time and range at that cruising speed. The app will also provide boating related current events like boat shows and rendezvous for the app sponsor Chuck Hovey Yachts. Estimated range and cruising time allows for zero reserve and 100% usable fuel, therefore a 10% minimum safety margin is recommend for extended cruising fuel calculations.

Highlights include:

  • View yachts for sale
  • Calculate fuel consumption, distance, range, and time, which you can cruise given your boat’s fuel capacity
  • View upcoming events and boat shows
  • View luxurious yacht images gallery.
  • Yacht support


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