Announcing Blur

My Mobile Fans has released a new feature that give you more control over mobile app background images – mimicking recent enhancements to the latest iOS platform. The new feature allows you to blur background photos without having to be a Photoshop guru. You can apply the Blur filter to all images or select which tab backgrounds you would like to blur individually. This feature can be found under the Appearances menu -> Global Styles.


Other Background Enhancements

We have also changed the Background Images section inside the Appearances tab. You can now select between 3 different types of images to ensure the highest quality experience for your users. Images are broken up into three tabs:

  • Phones – which contains images for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ as well as Android devices
  • Tablets – to address all images displayed in tablet format
  • iPhone 4

We are striving to optimize your user experience with the latest device releases by Apple and leading Android device manufacturers. Newer Android device screen ratios are very similar to the latest iPhone 6, 6+ as well as the latest 6S and 6S+. With this change, if you see your app displaying white backgrounds, you will need to login to your app panel and updated the images for the “Phones” tab.


So how do I load backgrounds into my app?

You can either upload your own custom backgrounds, or ones we have provided for you, in two simple steps.

  1. Select from the three different device tabs.
  2. Click the “Add / Remove Images” button (shown above under the green “Save” button). This will bring up a screen where you can sort through pre-loaded images in the “Library” tab you may use free of cost. Or can click the tab “Your Image” which will allow you to upload your own custom images by clicking the “Upload Images” button.

Do I need to be a Photoshop Guru to create my images? 

Absolutely not, you don’t need to use Photoshop at all. There are several free applications available that you can edit, crop, and resize images easily. Here is a list of our favorites

What if I don’t want to take time to create 3 sets of background images for my app?

You can just click the checkbox under any of the device tabs (Phone, Tablet, iPhone 4) to display images from other sections. This makes it very simple to just create a single set of images and then scale them in the other sections. Please note however, scaling causes image quality loss.

Image Dimension Cheat Sheet

  • Phone | Background: 640px x 1008px
  • Phone | Homescreen Background: 640px x 1136px
  • Tablet | Background: 1536px x 1920px
  • Tablet | Homescreen Background: 1536px x 2048px
  • iPhone4 | Background: 640px x 832px
  • iPhone4 | Homescreen Background: 640px x 960px
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